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Rodin Cars FZERO V10 1013 bhp Prototype


The FZERO, a hypercar with a closed cockpit, aims to set new benchmarks in performance and driving dynamics. It is poised to rival track-only hypercars from well-known brands like Aston Martin, Gordon Murray Automotive, and Mercedes-AMG. The main goal of the FZERO is to offer an unparalleled driving experience, harnessing the pure thrill of speed and performance.

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The recent debut of the FZERO on Rodin Cars’ own testing track marks a significant advancement, not just for the FZERO initiative but also for Rodin Cars as a company. Following the successful creation of the FZED, a single-seat car designed for track racing, Rodin Cars has embarked on a more challenging project with the FZERO.

This new model is equipped with a 4.0-liter V10 engine, which was personally designed by David Dicker, the CEO and founder of Rodin Cars. Named RC.TEN, this engine can produce 1013bhp (755kW) at 9500rpm, and it achieves this power using just 11psi of boost. Additionally, there is an ongoing development of a naturally aspirated version of the RC.TEN. It is anticipated that this engine will enable the FZERO to reach speeds up to 360km/h.


The development of the FZERO has been carried out at Rodin Cars’ advanced facility located near Mount Lyford in the stunning landscape of New Zealand’s South Island. This facility boasts not only three specialized test circuits but also a state-of-the-art production center. David Dicker, the visionary behind Rodin Cars and the creator of both the FZERO and its unique twin-turbocharged V10 engine, is a technology billionaire with a passion for racing.