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Rolls-Royce Phantom 6×6 World’s First Rolls Royce 6×6 Phantom


This is the world’s first Rolls Royce Phantom 6×6! It took 3 months to convert and we got the exclusive first look!This Rolls-Royce Phantom is a creation of Alexandre Danton who is a self-taught artist specializing in customizing cars.

source/image(PrtSc): Supercar Blondie

Based on a 2004 Phantom, this post-apocalyptic-esque luxurious beast of a saloon stands at 6,300 mm tall and 2,300 mm wide.To increase the Phantom’s length, he had to cut the car from the back door and to utilise the body of a 2005 BMW 7 Series as an extension, and also use the BMW 7’s rear axle for the second pair of wheels.

The car rolls on massive 24-inch wheels with gold plated brake calipers .Exterior features of this monster-like Rolls-Royce Phantom 6×6 include side skirts, a huge roof rack, a front bumper bar, and a tow hitch, as well as a massive LED bar on the windshield.


The wheels are so absurdly huge that to compensate for the size, the design required massive wheel arches to be fabricated, which are made out of aluminum.The standard 6.8-litre V-12 Phantom engine received no mechanical modifications./Supercar Blondie

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