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Rotor-X Private Homebuilt Helicopter Kit


The ROTOR X homebuilt helicopter kit features a sleek and modern design, powered by a 180hp turbocharged engine, meticulously built at our state-of-the-art factory.

source-image: MojoGrip

With a two-bladed rotor system, this helicopter delivers impressive performance, effortlessly climbing at rates between 1000-2000 ft/min and reaching altitudes of up to 12,000ft. Watch the video review from MojoGrip:

The MGL avionics on this helicopter provides the pilot with an affordable and reliable cockpit instrumentation.With an average operating cost of only $80 per hour, you can enjoy extended flight times without breaking the bank.


Additionally, the helicopter kit itself is attractively priced at $115,000, and for those seeking expert guidance during the building process, we offer a $25,000 build assist option.