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Running Mini See Thru Engine on Oxy Acetylene


In this episode I run this miniature see-through engine and film it in slow motion just like the original see-through engine to see what is going on inside the engine and how the combustion works.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

We also get a nice look right into the engine to see not only how the ignition system works but also the valves the Piston the compression and the combustion.video by: Warped Perception

I also dissemble the engine to show how’s it’s designed and built to give everyone a better look at the individual parts.This miniature see-through engine is based off of the original see-through engine design that I created three years ago.


The engine in this video is TOYAN FS-S100AT Single-cylinder Four-stroke Nitro / Gasoline Engine, with the newly designed adjustable carburetor system, adjustable ignition angle flywheel, high-efficiency cooling fan, and the center camshaft design reduces the height of the engine to the extreme, making it extremely compact Four-stroke engine model.

VIA Warped Perception