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Russian Generals Loved a Clear Version Of Coca-Cola

A post-World War II top-secret project resulted in a a re-branded clear version of Coca-Cola. But don’t check Ebay for this, only 50 cases were ever created. To Russia with love…Georgy Zhukov was a Soviet war hero with a serious drinking habit. The man loved Coca-Cola.

image/text credit: Great Big Story 

However, the Soviet government considered Coke a sign of American imperialism and forbade its citizens from enjoying the soda. Unwilling to give up his favorite beverage, Zhukov asked America for help, and the Coca-Cola Company rose to occasion.

What’s red, white, and enjoyed across the planet? Coca-Cola! The sugary soft drink is the world’s bestselling soda, but despite its international appeal, Coke is usually associated with America. And that posed a pretty big problem for Georgy Zhukov.


He asked Coca-Cola to make him a clear, Russianified (yes that’s a word) version of the drink.And here’s the really amazing part — Coca-Cola actually agreed to do it.The company created bottles of clear cola, decorated with a white cap and a red star on the front, and shipped 50 cases to the grateful Zhukov.