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S-A2 New Supernal eVTOL Air Taxi Concept


Hyundai Motor Group’s Advanced Air Mobility company Supernal unveiled S-A2 eVTOL aircraft concept at CES 2024. The pilot plus four passenger vehicle marks the latest milestone in Supernal’s roadmap to commercialize safe, efficient and affordable everyday passenger air travel.

source.image: Global Update

S-A2 builds on the Company’s vision concept S-A1. Supernal will achieve commercial aviation safety levels and enable affordable manufacturing of its vehicles as it prepares to enter the market in 2028.

The S-A2, a V-tail aircraft, is designed for typical urban trips of 25 to 40 miles, cruising at 120 miles per hour at an altitude of 1,500 feet. It features a distributed electric propulsion system.Eight tilting rotors supply the ability for vertical flight. On takeoff, the front four point skyward while the back four face downward.


Safety is a design philosophy – and priority – that runs through every feature of our electric air vehicle.Designed to meet global aviation safety standards for operation in markets around the world.Certified for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).Capable of operating safely at night and in poor visibility conditions – both increasing uptime.Built with multi-system redundancies.