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Safety Systems In The 1930s – The Pedestrian Catcher

Although the thought behind the pedestrian catcher was a good one, the practicality of it just isn’t there. The 1930s invention has many different names: pedestrian catcher, safety scoop, car catcher, rescue device. Basically, it’s like a giant shovel on the front of a vehicle for scooping up people. Two Sheffield inventors introduced their device in 1931.

image/text credit: British Pathé 

Various shots of the inventors, two Sheffield engineers, demonstrating his car safety device – a scoop fitted to front of car which is opened to scoop up pedestrians and save them from injury in an accident.

Several shots of the two engineers demonstrating their device. One man is driving the car fitted with device, another is crossing the street while reading newspaper.He jumps in front of a car – device opens and scoops him up.


Germany a trial of a protective net attached to the front of an automobile for the safety of any pedestrians the car might attack. Shot looking down a road; several men stand at side watching; and the victim stands in the middle of the road. Automobile approaches him from behind.

It hits the pedestrian but he is scooped up in a curved net attached on a padded frame; sort of like a chair.His hat flies off but the man himself is unscathed. Next; demonstration of this seen from the side; possibly even more hilarious.

The man stands there looking a bit nervous. The car is going at a fair pace at the moment of impact; and again it scoops him up & he rides away in the safety net w/ his legs sticking straight out.