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Saturn V 2.0 Convair Nexus Moon Base Concept


In the early 1960s, as NASA was planning to go to the moon with the Saturn 5, engineers got to work planning out the possibility of a permant human presence on the moon.A 100 man moon base that would not only require 33,000 pounds of materials per earth year to run, but 3 and a half million pounds to construct -70 times than that of the then planned Orbital Space Shuttle.

source/image(PrtSc): Escape Velocity

Thus a new chemical fuel mega-rocket would need to be created. a Saturn 2.0 if you would, that would be able to launch a vast mass of payload into space – perhaps even nuclear upper stages. This was the Convair NexusIt would be a single stage to orbit vechelce that could carry one million poinds of payload. and was designed to be reuseable.

The nexus was a pretty squat rocket, with a tapered rocket stage up to the payload. This wide base gave it plenty of space for a large internal fuel tank of liquid hydrogen. This tank was in the shape of a cone rather than a sphere or cylinder, which allowed for seperate oxygen tanks, 24 of them, at the base – in a ring around the engines.


Down in the base there was also flaps to help control re-entry, but we will get to that in a moment. These fuel tanks supported a number of inficidualal high-pressy hudrogen oxygen rocket engines that could be developed from a number of programs at the time – allowing the rocket much needed flexability.The nexus rocket wasn’t going to rely on parachuts, nor would it use rockets like the space x rockets we have today – no it would simply rely on its vast surface area to slow itself down.//via read more: Escape Velocity

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