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SCARAB TX – a Remote Controlled Fire-Fighting Robot

SCARAB TX is a remote controlled robot, for intervention and technical assistance. It is often used by firemen as a fire-fighting robot. Thanks to its thermal cameras and other sensors, it can give instant eyes inside a fire to the rescue teams.

source/image: Tecdron Robotronic France

Like a scout, it is able to access areas which are too dangerous for humans to approach thus improving the security and safety of missions. It can also directly attack a fire with a water cannon.

It is versatile and can be equipped with various accessories: water canon, smoke extraction fan, stretcher, handling arms, electric winch, bull bar, trailer hitch, anti-rollover system, sensors, etc.


Tecdron developed new block transmissions equiped with engines 1500W (Tecdron own Development), and electro-magnetic brakes. SCARAB TX has a powerful torque more than 3000 Nm. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low gravity center, SCARAB TX is agile and allows easy operation on stairs.//via: tecdron