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Scewo Bro New Generation Power Wheelchair


Glide on big wheels over cobblestones. Climb the two steps to your favorite restaurant. Grab your favorite drink from the top shelf. Visit previously inaccessible places – whenever you want. This is Scewo Bro. More than a power wheelchair. The new generation of power wheelchairs.

source/image(PrtSc): Scewo

Scewo bro automatically maintains a level seating while driving. That creates a whole new driving experience. The large wheels effortlessly master cobblestones and forest paths. Even if the driver doesn’t have any upper body stability! The wheelchair has maximum speed of 10km/h and a maximum distance of 25km.

Users can switch between three different modes: park mode, drive mode, and track mode. These modes give the user the freedom to ride over any terrain.When it comes time to ride up or down a set of stairs, all you have to do is switch the chair into track mode.


The chair can be controlled from a smart panel or from a mobile device and have a built-in rucksack for personal belongings, which makes it a great friend in the city environment.The Scewo Bro will fully charge in just about five hours. All you have to do is connect the magnetic plug.//scewo

VIA Scewo
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