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Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid Personal Transport System

This is a Fully Charged exclusive! Not something that has ever happened before.We present the prototype Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid personal transport system. A pedal assist car? A four wheeled bike? So easy to move along and just enormous fun to drive/ride. Let’s hope they develop this into a fully fledged product.

The Schaeffler bio hybrid combines the advantages of stability and weather protection with the energy consumption and space utilization of a pedelec. Thanks to the electrically-assisted drive system (up to 25 km/h)* with a minimum range of 50 kilometers**, the driver can travel in a sporty and comfortable manner.

The new vehicle platform with two front and rear wheels provides increased safety and driving stability. The bio hybrid can also be easily driven on cycle tracks due its compact dimensions (2.1 m long, 1.5 m high, 85 cm wide) and a track width of 80 cm.


The electric reverse gear also enables maneuvering without any problems. In combination with its portable battery system, variable luggage compartment and automatic gearshift system, this 1+1 seater (2 seats) can already be integrated into the existing infrastructure and day-to-day life.