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School Bus Transformed Into a Dream Tiny Home On Wheels


In this video, join Christian and Kelsey as they give you an exclusive tour of their beautifully designed school bus turned home-on-wheels, lovingly named after their journey together. Discover how this young couple transformed their lives, creating a unique living space filled with clever designs and sustainable features.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Step inside Christian and Kelsey’s thoughtfully designed kitchen, boasting an L-shaped layout for optimal space utilization. Explore their innovative solutions, including a giant sink that doubles as storage while driving and a hidden toaster oven compartment. Marvel at the custom countertops, enhanced with personal touches through wood burning pyrography, depicting their love for outdoor activities.

Learn about their impressive off-grid capabilities with 2,000 watts of solar power and a 300 amp-hour lithium battery system, all managed by efficient Victron electronics. Gain insights into the couple’s journey from renovating and selling their house to embracing the schoolie lifestyle, with their entire buildout self-funded and costing around $40,000 to $45,000.


Peek into their compact bathroom featuring a stylish sink, vanity, and an innovative shower system with a large skylight, offering an indoor-outdoor bathing experience. Step into their cozy bedroom with a queen-size mattress, complemented by cane rattan decor that brings a cohesive feel throughout the bus. Discover the ‘garage’ beneath their bed, a spacious storage area for all their essentials and more.