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School Lunch In Japan – It’s Not Just About Eating!

Get inspired to see how Japanese students operate their lunch period! You can see why “lunch period” is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. Directed, edited and filmed by Atsuko Satake Quirk, Cafeteria Culture’s media director.See how we bring in this Japanese style student-led operation into US school cafeterias on sorting their waste!

image/text credit:  CafCu Media

Japanese school lunches aren’t synonymous with “mystery meat,” but rather, shokuiku. It means “food and nutrition education,” and it’s a vital part of the Japanese child’s early education.Beginning in elementary school, kids come to understand that what you put into your body matters a great deal in how you think and feel throughout the day — and how you go about your life.

The astonishment to their school education. School can be a place to grow foods for students themselves; School can be a place to foster a good habit of eating from food preparation and dish cleaning; Even food wastes can be solved by gaming.(Wei ZHENG)


Standardization is everywhere during their lunch time, such as the recycling work for the milk-boxes. Forth, everything is tracking-available, such as the pears are from the local farm and the potatoes are from the school farm which are developed by 6th grade students. Finally, the risk management for the left food.