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SCW1 Mountain Bike With Unique Front-End Linkage Suspension


The Structure Cycleworks SCW1 is a 27.5” wheeled, full carbon, full suspension, enduro bike built on the most advanced mountain bike chassis in the world.

source/image(PrtSc): Structure Cycleworks

The SCW1 has 150mm of travel at both front and rear. However, due to reduced brake dive – which leaves more suspension travel available for bump handling – the SCW1’s Without Telescoping Fork (WTF) linkage suspension system rides as though it has travel in excess of 180mm./structure.bike

From enduro racers to weekend warriors a confidence inspiring bicycle that makes your ride faster and more enjoyable. Read on and discover how this design solves current suspension problems to increase your confidence and control in all conditions.


The WTF front suspension platform solves performance issues inherent to all telescopic suspension forks. Balance between front and rear suspension is vital to stable and confident handling. The SCW 1 features matching leverage ratios and progressivity front and rear./via/read more: structure.bike