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See How Foosball Tables Are Made.Game On!

Score some knowledge about the crafting of a foosball table from the players to the field.Foosball, also known as table football or table soccer, is a classic tabletop game that has its origins spanning back to the 1920s. Foosball has grown in popularity worldwide since its invention in 1922 by Harold Searles Thornton.

image credit: Science Channel

This table is made from high-quality laminates and weatherproof resins. It has a pretty square look to it. The ends of the cabinet are covered by pieces of plastic sloped to drain the water off on top and the scorekeepers are countersunk in them. The scorekeepers are not numbered.

The hardware that holds the table together is all pulled nice and tight to the cabinet. Very little surface area for the weather to attack. The ball returns are on the ends and slightly offset from the center. This keeps all but the most terrific shots from popping out.


The playing rods are rust resistant chromium plated steel. Make sure to use plenty of silicon or the rust proof coat will wear off over time. They are telescopic so no spectator worries. They have enclosed nylon bushings. Very smooth. The players are molded to the rods. The handles are ergonomic but maybe just a little undersized for a large adult hand size? But no slippage here. The legs are steel and slightly set back at an angle with a cross piece for added stability. They include levelers.