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See Thru 4 Cylinder Engine In Slow Motion


I Made A See Through 4 Cylinder Engine, ran it on regular fuel and oxy acetylene while filming it with the high-speed camera to see what’s going on inside of a 4-cylinder TOYAN FS-L400BGC model engine engine while it’s running.

source.image: Warped Perception

The Warped Perception YouTube channel decided it wanted to show off the combustion process of a four-stroke engine on camera, so it developed an acrylic block with a clear transparent engine block.

Thanks to the magic of slow-motion 4K cameras, we can see the exact moment of combustion inside the cylinder as the spark plug ignites the gasoline, pushing the cylinder down and causing the engine to spin.


The intake, compression, power, and exhaust strokes are all clearly visible, with the valvegear and piston moving together in turn. The result is that you can clearly see each step of the process as the engine goes through its cycle.