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Self Balancing Honda Motorcycle Riding Assist Demo


Honda held the world premiere of advanced future safety technologies Honda is currently developing for the realization of a society where everyone sharing the road will be liberated from the risk of traffic collisions and enjoy freedom of mobility with total peace of mind.

source/image(PrtSc): DPCcars

One of the cool techs is the Honda Riding Assist which includes self balancing of the motorcycle when at a stop or parking your motorcycle.The “Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology” included a motorcycle created to demonstrate self-balancing rider assistive technology.

In this latest experiment not a prototype unless you’re sure the bike was made for final production, the rear wheels swing to adjust the angle between the rider and the machine and steer. Make it easier. Traditional to what we are used to.


We still don’t know that the ESV will be faster than a single digit speed (tests such as slow driving and figure eight are shown), but most motorcyclists are dropping their bikes due to low speeds and sharp curves. , Honda is brute force when it comes to offering safety demands in this particular niche./DPCcars