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Self-Build F-104 Starfighter Scale 1:4 Rc Turbine Model


The Lockheed F-104 “Starfighter” is a single-engine American fighter aircraft from the Cold War era, manufactured by Lockheed Corporation, Burbank.

source.image: DIGITAL RC

This is a perfect and very detailed production model of the F-104 in 1:4 scale. The flight characteristics of the model are outstanding and against all expectations extremely well behaved.

In this video we have a Huge 1:4 RC Scale Turbine Model Jet Lockheed Starfighter F-104 Turbine model Jet, over 4.20 meter long with a wingspan over 2.5m.The airplane is powered by a JetCat P400 Pro turbine engine thrust: 40 kg and it has a take off weight around 39kg.


The airplane can reach top speeds of 90mph, land at 20mph, and fly for four minutes with mixed throttle. Many RC pilots build and fly these large scale RC airplanes just because it’s awesome to fly a huge airplanes! The big size and the modified airfoil give this spectacular model an unprecedented stability and realism.