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Self Built Apartment On Wheels With Elevator Bed


Join Shaiden Valentine as he takes us on an exclusive tour inside the Mothership, a meticulously designed van that combines luxury, technology, and versatility. This van isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a mobile living solution crafted with precision and a deep understanding of van life necessities. At the heart of the Mothership lies a well-equipped kitchen, featuring a microwave, a dual induction stove powered by a robust 6,000-watt inverter, and expansive storage with deep drawers.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Unique to this build is a coolant-based water heater that utilizes the van’s engine heat to provide hot water, ensuring comfort even on the move. Shaiden introduces a new foldable sink design that maximizes counter space when not in use. This area includes a three-stage filtered water system, emphasizing the importance of access to clean water in van life. Above, you’ll find cleverly designed storage solutions with automatic lighting, perfect for securing glassware and other essentials while traversing rough terrains.

The van boasts a convertible area serving as a shower, toilet, and closet. A black powder-coated fold-down shower pan, paired with a magnetic curtain setup, offers a seamless indoor shower experience. The section also hides a Leo dry flush toilet and extensive closet space, providing both functionality and privacy.


One of the van’s highlights is the queen-sized bed that descends from the ceiling, offering flexible sleeping arrangements without sacrificing space. The design allows for additional bedding configurations, accommodating more guests without clutter. The lounge is equipped to host up to eight people, with swivel seats and a multifunctional bench that includes integrated storage and a hidden water heater. The area is tech-ready, featuring connections for a Mac Studio display and a high-fidelity sound system, transforming the space into an entertainment or work zone.