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Self Built Rail Bike with Folding Outriggers


This is my Railroad attachment for my bike that folds up onto the bike so it can be ridden on the road and then unfolded on the railroad tracks to be able to ride the rails.

source/image(PrtSc): Cam Engineering

The tracks I am riding are abandoned tracks in central California. The ride I go on is about 10 miles south down the coast on the tracks and then 10 miles north and with about 5 miles on the road.

Thanks to an additional wheel at the front and a stabilizer on the side, the bike is able to move down a railroad track successfully. Once the accessories are folded, the bike returns to its original appearance and can move along the trails again.


The bike is also equipped with a telescopic boom that has another wheel at the end to improve stability.This accessory has an adjustable length, depending on the distance between the rails.//Cam Engineering