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Self-Built Tiny A-Frame Off the Grid Cabin In The Forest


This cabin/tiny House was finished in 2021 and it cost approx. $20k CAD to build. A bit more than half of that was the cost of the materials. The family built most of it themselves which helped reduce the cost but they also hired professional help for some of the tasks.The cabin measures approx. 16′ x 12′ on the main floor and it sits on a poured concrete pier foundation.

source/image: Exploring Alternatives

This off-grid cabin was self-built by a family in Ontario, Canada to be a cozy fairy tale getaway in the woods. When you first get here, it’s hard to believe that there will be enough room inside because it looks so small from the outside, but it actually has a pretty comfortable setup with a kitchenette and a full living room with a wood stove on the main floor, and a sliding staircase ladder that leads to a super roomy loft that you can walk around in thanks to the big dormers.

For electricity, the cabin runs off a home made solar power set up, with 3 x 100 watt solar panels and a 230 amp hour battery bank. The whole house is wired like an extension plug so it can easily be plugged or unplugged from the power source.


For water, they’re currently bringing it in as needed but they will be setting up a rainwater collection system soon. There’s a low-tech foot pump that’s super quiet to operate and requires no electricity. And for heat they’ve got a big wood stove./ Exploring Alternatives