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Self Converted Shuttle Bus With Recirculating Shower


Meet Karson & Brendon as they showcase their one-of-a-kind skoolie. When they turned 30, they started to feel pressured by the expectations to buy a “normal” home, work 40 hours a week, & start a family.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Not willing to sacrifice any time, Karson & Brendon decided to reject social norms in pursuit of creating a life filled with travel & adventure. Enter the start of their buslife journey.

Their beautiful home features a booth style dining table, a massive amount of counter space, & a recirculating shower. Not to mention, some of the most ingenious material repurposing Tiny Home Tours has ever seen, including the reuse of the original bus seat foam for their couch cushions.


With all of the money saving hacks these two found, it’s no surprise that the end result of their build is nothing short of incredible.