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Self Freezing Coca-Cola – The Trick That Works On Any Soda!


Few things are better on a hot summer day than a frozen drink, and you can beat the heat with your own soda slushes at home with absolutely no special equipment.This video, aside from being completely mind-blowing, should show you what to do.

source/image: The King of Random

Take any bottle of soda, and get it to freeze on command! This “super cool” trick works with cans of soda as well. You’ll need to shake up room temperature soda bottles for a few moments, then freeze them for a few hours.

Once they’re chilled nearly ice cold, breaking the seal to release the pressure causes the drinks to freeze into a slush before your eyes.


There are a few variations on how to serve the drink, but they all give you the same delicious treat. Just remember to set an alarm to get the sodas out of your fridge, and check up on them fairly often, as leaving them in too long could cause a messy explosion.

VIAThe King of Random
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