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Semi Truck Crash Test & Why Rear Seat Belts Are Crucial

IMMI, the leading manufacturer of seat belts for all heavy, commercial trucks in North America, recently demonstrated the importance of seat belts and advanced safety equipment for truck drivers by crashing the cab of a large semi-truck head-on into the largest barrier block in the world.

image/text credit: imminet

We are committed to continually improving the safety of our nation’s truck drivers, and we were pleased to host nearly 200 safety-minded industry professionals at our event, said Larry Gray, IMMI CEO.

Not only did we vividly demonstrate why it is vital for drivers to wear their seat belts, we also showed our RollTek side-roll protection system,which can better protect them in the worst kind of crash a truck driver can face – a rollover.


This exclusive crash demonstration took place at CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation. Inside the truck were two test dummies – one wearing a seat belt and one without – to show what happens to truck drivers and passengers during a crash. Nearly 700 drivers/passengers lost their lives in 2012, of which, 34% percent of them were not wearing a seat belt.