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Shinya Kimura’s Custom BMW R18 The Wal


Unique, different and yet completely: BMW R 18 “The Wal”, the latest creation by Japanese customizer Shinya Kimura. Hard facts about the R 18 customising project “The Wal”:Handlebars: 8 inches narrower, 6 inches lower.

source/image(PrtSC): REC Anything

Fuel tank: Made longer to move the seating position rearward and gain additional fuel capacity of about 1 gallon for longer trips.Seat pad designed by Kimura himself, handmade by BACKDROP Leathers in Japan in bucket style for more bottom support.

Seat designed so that it creates a natural flow from the seat cushion and leads to the round rear light.Semi-shell fairing for comfortable handling at high speed.The side covers have been designed in such a way that they do not destroy the look of the original frame.


Special paint finish in the form of a bronze powder coating, after the components have previously been hammered to give the surface texture.After Kimura had completed all the bodywork, he decided to keep the classic symbolic shape of the standard exhaust system, but paint it black./REC Anything

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