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Siemens Electric Custom Bike By OCC Prototype


This electric chopper is based on the Harley-Davidson design.It’s usually defined as a bike with relatively low and comfortable saddle, extended fork, chrome handlebars (Harley’s style), etc.

source.image: JARO SPEED

The Seimens Smart Chopper is the first custom electric motorcycle designed and created by the infamous Orange County Choppers. Siemens on Aug 12, 2009 announced that it has teamed up with renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers to build the first custom electric motorcycle.

With an outrageous 120-inch wheelbase and overall 45-degree raked front end, powered by a 20kW -27bhp electric motor, Siemens said the 350lb (160kg) Smart Chopper has a range of 60 miles and top speed of 100mph.


It takes five hours to fully charge the bike’s battery using a 110V outlet. A single-speed clutchless transmission drives power from the bike’s motor to the macadam, Siemens added.

The motorcycle features:

  • First electric chopper by Orange County Choppers.
  • Recycled materials.
  • Advanced DC Motors Inc. Series Wound 8″ motor.
  • LED lighting by OSRAM SYLVANIA, a Siemens company.
  • 27 Peak horsepower and maximum speed of 100 MPH.
  • Range of 60 miles on a single charge.
  • On-board charger that can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet.