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Fantastic Silicone Cooking Mold Pancake Maker

Flippin’ Fantastic is a simple device which allows you to make and flip 7 pancakes or eggs at the same time. To use Flippin’ Fantastic, you pre-heat a pan, then lay the apparatus inside it.

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Next, you pour pancake batter (or eggs) into each one of the rings. After one side properly cooks, you then quickly flip it over and remove Flippin’ Fantastic and allow the food to continue cooking. Once flipped, your food will cook on the other side and maintain its shape.

Flips pancakes without any mess Can flip 7 pancakes at the same time Perfectly-shaped pancakes every time Non-stick silicone material Dishwasher and microwave safe Can be used for eggs, omelets, hash browns, and more.


The silicone won’t damage your pans or hob, and the mould is so versatile it can be used with eggs, quiche or hash browns. To clean the ring, simply wipe it down or pop it in the dishwasher.