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Simson 425 S 1959 247cc One Cylinder


The Awo/Simson 425 became the 425 T, for touring, with the launch of the greatly revised 425 S, for sport, in 1955.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

This machine was not intended as a machine for the masses with its sale price of 3200 Ostmarks at a time when average wages were some 500 Ostmarks per month.

It was targeted at middle ranking party officials and for ceremonial use. Accordingly, it was intended to showcase the finest motorcycle engineering in the DDR.


The production was abruptly brought to a sudden end, after production of some 124,000 units of 425 T and 84,600 units of 425 S, by the astonishing Soviet decree that henceforth all DDR car and motorcycle engine production had to be 2 stroke only.This DDR machine has been restored recently and is equipped a VAPE ignition/dynamo.Displacement: 247 cc.Cylinder: 1.Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv.Power: 14hp @ 6.300 rpm.Weight: 156 kg.Top Speed: 110 km/h.