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Singapore Airlines A380 Model Plane – Painting Time-Lapse

As part of the Singapore Airlines “No Detail Too Small” campaign.I built and painted a 1:50 A380 in their livery. This video documents the painting process.This shows most of the process, but several steps were left out for the sake of time.

Inspired by high school architecture class where he was assigned to create simple paper models using cut paper manilla folders, San Francisco-based designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart went home to begin construction on an extremely ambitious project: a 1:60 scale reproduction of a Boeing 777 using some of the techniques he learned in class. That was in 2008, when Iaconi-Stewart was just a junior in high school.

Unbelievably, the project continues five years later as he works on and off to perfect every aspect of the plane. Relying on detailed schematics of an Air India 777-300ER he found online, he recreates the digital drawings in Adobe Illustrator and then prints them directly onto the paper manilla folders.


But everything has to be perfect. So perfect, that Iaconi-Stewart says heā€™s actually built two airplanes, the one you see here and the numerous failed attempts including three tails, two entire sets of wings, and multiple experiments to ensure everything is just so.