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Skier Accidentally Falls Off Huge Rocky Cliff And SURVIVES!


Skier Stefan Ager accidentally falls backwards off of a huge rocky cliff when he is trying to put his skis on. surprisingly he was able to walk away from this and has no injuries, he’s fine!The shocking moment has been captured on the skier’s personal camera.

image/text credit: Nick Aitken

It begins by overlooking a well-worn ski slope. Mountains can be made out in the backdrop against a bright blue sky. The man appears to be skiing with extreme speed as he flies down the snowy slope. But all of a sudden he approaches the edge, where it’s impossible to see what surface comes next.

He cries out in horror as he freefalls a considerable distance and plunges into the slope beneath.Thankfully however, two and a half feet of snow cushions his fall.He sits up looking alarmed and relieved at the same time as he brushes snow off the camera which is now facing him.


A Go-Pro camera he wore on his helmet caught the full terrifying plunge.But remarkably Stratton landed on a 2.5ft mound of soft snow and walked away without even a minor injury.And now he admits how he accepted death in mid-air.