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Skies Opened Like The End of Times in Escazu, Costa Rica!

In Escazu Costa Rica – the skies opened up as if it were the end of times – It was truly a beautiful glimpse of what our God has in store for us on the day he comes back. The rare cloud formation gave rise to speculation that the clouds could have been mad-made, or manipulated in some way, much like the “chem-trail” theory.

image credit: Jessielou121

Some have attributed the formation to supernatural forces. Other onlookers had the foreboding impression that divine judgment or “the end of days” was at hand.The awe-inspiring phenomenon, whatever it might have been, could be seen in the skies over Escazu, San Jose, Parrita, Pavas, and Hatillo.

“You guys, I have never seen anything like this, ” said Jessie Montealegre, a woman who recorded one of many videos of the occurrence. “It’s a sign of God.” While this spectacle was certainly remarkable to many people, scientists were quick to weigh in on the issue, attributing the formation to natural causes.


Eladio Solano, a meteorologist from the Costa Rica National Meteorological Institute, said that such colors are known to appear when the sun’s light is refracted by water droplets or ice crystals that may form inside the clouds. Experts call it “cloud iridescence.”