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Skilled Glass Blower Sculpts Amazing Glass Horse In 60 Seconds


The art of glass blowing takes advantage of the fact that when you apply enough heat, the glass loses all of those properties. In fact when it’s red hot, it looks more like taffy than how most people picture when we say glass.This talented sculptor transforms a molten blob of glass into a horse in less than 60 seconds ,using little more than a pair of huge tweezers, gravity, and a lifetime of practice.

source/image: Truevideo1986

Due to extreme conditions required to make glass pliable, shaping it into a figure is infinitely more difficult than say shaping clay. Yet, somehow, this dude makes it seem as if anyone could do it. This is perfection.

This old-fashioned way of glassblowing isn’t taught at any school. Craftsmen pass it on generation to generation. One of the most important things in making glass sculptures like this is precision and speed.


The glass remains hot for only about 2 or 3 minutes, then it gets too cold to process. However, the temperature of the finished glass horse in this video reaches up to 700 degrees Celsius. After it’s done, the sculpture should cool down for another 1.5-2 hours.