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Skymech Operable Roof Systems Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Spot

Retractable roof systems allow medium to large areas of patios and terraces to be covered at the touch of a button meaning they can be used all year round – whatever the weather.

source/image(PrtSc): TILT Industrial Design

Kennovations can provide custom design, manufacture and installation for the following Skymech® roof systems:Sliding roof systems — with a singular sliding solid or glass panel. Tiered roof systems — a multi-panel sliding system. Hinged roof systems — with solid or glass panels.

Skymech® puts you in control of light, ventilation and outdoor elements, whilst giving an ambient skylight effect in your residential, retail or commercial outlet.Skymech® can be used as a protective cover for outdoor areas including decks, courtyards and swimming pools. It can also be adapted for internal rooms such as bathrooms, living and dining areas.


The internal roof provides a complete enclosure to form an indoor finish with weather seals. When sunlight is required, the ceiling slides back allowing natural light and warmth into the courtyard whilst providing protection from rain and wind. The system is fitted with rain sensors that automatically close the unit in the event of poor weather.