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Small Aircraft Lands on Sunrise Highway Yapank

The pilot of a small plane “Cessna 206” was forced to make an emergency emergency landing on a highway terrorizing many of the cars that were passing.Other drivers on the highway managed to capture the extraordinary moment in the camera.The pilot was the only person on board, and no injuries were reported.

image credit: Thomas Lupski

The single-engine Cessna 206 touched down on the westbound lanes and rolled to a stop on a grassy shoulder with no signs of physical damage.The pilot was somehow able to successfully land on the highway, maneuver underneath an overpass, and safely make a stop on the side of the road without anyone getting injured.

The pilot, Jim O’Donnell, said he had no choice but to land on the highway, avoiding stunned motorists who were no doubt avoiding him.The pilot, who took off from nearby Brookhaven Calabro Airport in Shirley, was the only occupant. The plane was heading to Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, New Jersey.


The plane was later towed down the highway to Brookhaven Airport. The FAA is still investigating what caused the mechanical failure on the Cessna which is registered to a man in Northport.