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Smallest 2 Rotors Rotary Working Model Engine


A rotary engine is an internal combustion engine, like the engine in your car,A rotary engine is an internal combustion engine, like the engine in your car, but it works in a completely different way than the conventional piston engine.In a rotary engine, the pressure of combustion is contained in a chamber formed by part of the housing and sealed in by one face of the triangular rotor, which is what the engine uses instead of pistons.

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In this video we have a micro rotary engine the Toyan RS-L200 4.92cc 2 Rotor Rotary Engine Model Watercooed.The engine is an incredibly stable and powerful choice equipped with 30-teeth inner gear and 20-teeth outer gear in class 6 precision, steel flywheel and reinforced crankshaft for stunning wear resistance and excellent loading capacity.

The TOYAN’s newly developed rotor engine is so miniature, compact, lightweight and stable as well as nearly vibrationless that can help the promotion of the power from RC model vehicles&airplanes and the minimized weight of mid-size cars and aircrafts for reliable and user-friendly service in any application scenarios.


The rotor, made of high-precision alloy, is engineered with triangular rotor with round sides and impressively wear resistant diamond seal design to ensure perfect sealing performance when the triangular tip sliding along the wall of the chamber. Features single carburetor for easy adjustment, sensitive throttle with increasing airflow for more power and detachable vertical exhaust pipes which allow for subsequent installation of hush pipes to achieve the versatile installation and quiet operation. Displacement: 4.92cc(2.46cc*2).Rotor Number: Twin rotor. Carburetor: Single Carburetor.Compression Ratio: 8.2/1.RPM: 2200-18500rpm.