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Smartpel Track Self-Propelled Mini-Digger On Tracks

Smartpel Track from JMEKA is a multi-function and self-propelled mini-digger on tracks, designed to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining comfort and maximum safety.Independent and telescopic roller track frames.Ideal for working on all types of ground even on sites that are difficult to access.

source/image(PrtSc): JMEKA Mini pelles

The tracks give optimum stability by evenly distributing the weight of the machine on the ground.Powerful top-mounted hydraulic motors (no risk of digging out)Converts to track-laying loader with backhoe bucket option.

Breakout force: 900 kg / Pulling force: 510 kgExcavation possible at any point in its 360° rotationOn the wide track setting, this machine can easily straddle the trench to backfill when work is completed


The Smartpel mini excavators are combined with a series of accessories for digging, leveling, drilling, uprooting and loading. Genuine Swiss knives for the garden.