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Snowmobilers Encounter a Large Agitated Bear


Snowmobilers were out and saw a bear and followed it. They wanted to chase the bear away from their fishing camp,but one got too close and came within inches of the bear’s massive paw swipe. Some people are saying he DESERVED it though, since it seemed like they were taunting the bear.

source/image screenshot: ViralHog

Occurred on April 4, 2018 / Paramushir,Kuril Islands, Russia.You got too close bro! It’s fight or flight, but sometimes when you get too close flight can TURN INTO fight./ViralHog

During a surprise encounter where the bear is reacting defensively, you should not fight back. Fighting back will only prolong the attack and will likely result in more serious injuries.


Knowledge and understanding of bears and bear behavior can help decrease the chances of bear encounters and diffuse aggressive encounters when they occur.

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