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So Much Craftsmanship Is Needed For Making a Japanese Yodoe Umbrella

“Yodoegasa”, Japanese traditional umbrella, has been handmade since Edo Period (17-19c.).Not only its durability against wind and snow, its unique beautiful yarn decoration is outstanding enough that it was designated as an intangible cultural asset of Yonago city (Tottori Pref., West Japan) by the Japanese government. Through no less than 70 processes, loads of time and work are required until an umbrella is finished.

image credit: Japanese Craftsmanship

Sanin District, in West Japan, is famous for its harsh weather ? heavy rain and wind in summer, and snow in winter. To use in such conditions, Yodoegasa is durable with its heavy-duty parts compared to other Japanese umbrellas made in other regions in Japan.via (jtco).

image credit: Japanese Craftsmanship

Another distinctive feature of Yodoegasa can be seen on the spreaders connecting the pole and the ribs are finely ornamented with colorful yarns.


Ordinary Japanese traditional umbrellas only have simple round shaped decoration made with knitted yarn, But the decoration on Yodoegasa is made by special technique called “Kikyo-kazari (Decoration of Kikyo flower: Platycodon grandifloras or balloon flower; a lavender colored flower with five pointed and curled petals) “.

Which is a Kikyo-petal-shaped decoration made with knitted yarn on the ribs . The skillful technique and the beauty of Yodoegasa are being revalued by people all over the world , and now it became popular as an interior purpose as well as primary use.Yodoe is surrounded by forests of bamboo, the main material for Yodoe umbrellas. Their existence aided Yodoe in becoming a major production site for umbrellas.