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Soaring Over Dubai With a Paralyzed Skydiver

The best way to take in the spectacular Dubai landscape is from 10,000 feet in the air—at least, according to skydiver Jarrett Martin. With over 1,000 jumps in the city under his belt, he should know. After an accident left him without use of his legs, Jarrett didn’t let his love of skydiving wane.

image/text credit: Great Big Story 

Thanks to adaptations made to his landing style and modified equipment, Jarrett is still able to fly high and free.After he returned to skydiving, he also became a skydiving instructor again and got a job at Skydive Florida.

He snagged a job as a rigger with Skydive Dubai earlier this year, which is where he’s currently working, and he absolutely loves it.Whenever someone is injured doing something their passionate about.


I always believe amazing things can happen and this is certainly the case with Jarrett.At 3,500 dives and counting, with the wind in his face, paralysis is the last thing on Jarrett’s mind, and that’s a beautiful thing.