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Solar Electric Air Heater! (100W 12V) – 100W Solar Panel Runs It! – PV Space Heating

Video shows how to set up a small Off-Grid 12V Desktop Air Heater! unit is powered using only ONE solar panel. All you need is 2 things to make it.

source/image: desertsun02

A 100w (12v) solar panel and the heater/fan unit! (sold on amazon for 8 to 10 bucks). great little unit! cranks out the heat! (*115F continuous). A 12v battery can be used as the power source too (but is not necessary).

Output temps consistently hover around 115F (+/-5). Measured over several hours, great little unit for personal space heating! One important note: the output temps vary much more widely when using 2 power sources. (one for the fan and another for the heating element).


For consistent output temps hook both sets of wires to the same solar panel or battery. the fan and heating element interact with each other only when using the same power source. note that these come in 150W size as well. here’s the link to the 100W heater/fan unit.