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Solarino – A Solar-Powered Electric Beach Cleaning Robot

Solarino is the first solar-powered, silent and totally electrically driven beach cleaner machine in the world!Totally electrically driven, powered by full isolated GEL batteries and also by solar energy, silent, accurate and robust, Solarino Beach Cleaner provides a comfortable and a low environmental solution for beach cleaning.

source/image(PrtSc): Dronyx Srl

It is robust since frame and tracks undercarriage are not only protected by paint, but also fully hot-dip-galvanized using both stainless steel and aluminium; the wide matched tread helps to optimizing the traction system performance both on wet and dry sandy terrains by providing a good flotation in any situation.

The vibrating mechanical sifter is silent, robust and precise and its working parameters are totally configurable by using the remote transmitter.


It is silent and eco-friendly because Solarino Beach Cleaner Robot is totally electrically driven and does not use internal combustion engines or idraulic systems; it uses electric linear actuators to configure the working-depth parameter and to execute rubbish unloading operations.