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Solo Female In Her DIY Camper Van With Hightop


Sommer has a cozy home on wheels – a Ford E350 DIY van build named Synergy. She always dreamed of traveling but felt limited because of her dog. But with her van, she can now hit the road and bring her furry companion along for the ride!

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

Inside her rig, you’ll find a portable two-burner stove and a small fridge, perfect for whipping up a meal on the go. As a book lover, Summer has a downsized library storage in the front of her van, where she can easily access her favorite reads.

The two bench seats face a table that pulls out from the bed, creating comfortable dining and workspace.


She has a custom-sized bed in the back, complete with a magnet for her phone to prop up for movies and nets on the wall for extra storage. She downsized from two closets of clothes to a few cabinets in the van, a testament to her minimalist lifestyle.