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Solo Female Van Life Embracing Freedom On The Open Road


Join Anjali on an immersive tour of her van, Vinnie, where she has been living and exploring for the past year and a half. Discover the thoughtful designs and modifications that make her van life journey unique and comfortable. Anjali’s kitchen features a sizeable countertop, offering durability and aesthetic appeal. A deep stainless steel sink prevents water splashing, a moveable faucet nozzle for convenience, and a propane stove ideal for consistent cooking without heavy power consumption. Below the counter, there’s ample storage for kitchen essentials and a junk drawer.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

A key highlight in Anjali’s van is the dual fridge-freezer unit, chosen specifically for enjoying ice cream on the road. The fridge’s size influenced the countertop dimensions, and it features magnetic drawer locks to secure contents while driving. Purchasing the empty van for about $30,000, Anjali invested around $40,000 in the build, utilizing leftover wood and cabinet parts to reduce costs. This investment has allowed her to tailor the space to her needs and preferences.

The lounge includes two bench seats, with one hiding electrical equipment and the other housing the toilet. Anjali’s van boasts 400 watts of solar power, 200 amp hours of battery power, and 110-volt outlets throughout. A Lagoon table adds flexibility to the space, serving both bench seats or providing a workspace.


A unique feature in Anjali’s van is the bed that converts into a shower with a recirculating system, allowing for long, hot showers without extra water usage. The design took careful planning to accommodate the van’s angled walls and to ensure the mattress could fold up when not in use. The van houses a cozy queen-size bed, with bench seats by the bed for easy access, especially for the dogs. Above the bed, there’s additional storage for clothing