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Solo Female With Her 3 Dogs In 4×4 Sprinter Camper Van


Van life is an alternative lifestyle similar to living in an RV, tiny home, or sailboat. The van life movement is popular among digital nomads, minimalists, and outdoor lovers.Living in a van seems like a glamorous, stress-free way to live.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Meet Meg, a holistic nutritionist & fitness coach, who travels full time in her van, The Megladon. This van features a two burner stove, farmhouse sink, abundant pantry space, a massive fridge, wetroom style shower, & a fixed bed.

In addition to the stunning inside, this van’s outside features, are just as spectacular. This 4×4 van is ready to off road no matter what season it is.


Complete with a burly front bumper, fog lights, 1000 watts of solar, & an awning that can withstand 50 mile per hour winds, Meg, her three dogs, & The Megladon, are ready to take on anything.Tiny Home Tours

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