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Solo Mom’s Tiny Home Built For $25k


Meet Kat! She’s excited to show you around her tiny house. You’ll see how she has seamlessly merged cost-effective choices with a minimalist lifestyle, creating an inviting and efficient space. Prepare to explore each corner of her home and gather tips for your tiny living dream.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Step into Kat’s kitchen, where she has masterfully selected every element for both cost-effectiveness and aesthetics. She snagged an IKEA kitchen set for merely $120, which included a countertop, sink, cabinets, and shelves. Including additional shelving, her entire kitchen setup cost around $400. Open storage on both sides ensures everything is easily accessible, organized based on how often items are used, from daily necessities to decorative pieces.

In her tiny house, Kat embraces smart storage solutions. Imagine baskets brimming with fresh produce and hanging storage maximizing floor space. Artwork by Kat’s kids is charmingly displayed with magnets. One side of the kitchen houses essential plates and mixing bowls, while the other side features adorable coasters and a curated collection of cookbooks.


In Kat’s kitchen, an induction cooktop, stored neatly to maximize space, is the centerpiece. Although she currently prefers the induction cooktop, she’s considering a gas stove for more reliability. Her home boasts smart technology, allowing her to control lights and monitor the solar system via an app, adding convenience and efficiency.Kat’s living area doubles as a cozy bedroom, focusing on comfort and simplicity. A king-size mattress, complemented by additional mattresses for the kids, offers a comfortable sleeping arrangement./ Tiny Home Tours