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Solving Crimes Against Animals With Forensic Experts

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory is the only lab in the world devoted entirely to investigating crimes against animals. Founded in 1988 by former crime scene investigator Ken Goddard, the lab could be mistaken for something out of a television show—except for the freezers full of animal corpses and flesh-eating beetles.

Located in Ashland, Oregon, this state-of-the-art facility boasts a pathology department, an on-site forensic ornithologist and a genetics team to investigate illegal animal killings, smuggling and other crimes.

With such a coveted team of experts and scientists, this unique lab is helping the entire world crack down on serious crimes against animals.In order to prosecute an individual for a violation of law, our criminal justice system requires that the individual’s guilt be established ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’


Two ways that prosecutors can link the suspect to the victim and to the crime (and thereby meet the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ requirement) are to present to the court..Eye Witness Testimony,Physical Evidence!