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SONDORS Electric Bike Highway Approved 80MPH Metacycle


With 80 mph and 80 miles in range this metacycle will disrupt the motorcycle industry.An electric motorbike designed for the adventurous, freedom-seeker in you. Built to transcend barriers while offering a fresh, carefree riding experience. Engineered to be an extension of you, the rider. Ride wild. Ride free.

source/image(PrtSc): Portable Electric Vehicle

Free from noise, vibration, fumes, and fuelling stations. Metacycle brings you the freedom to unapologetically experience the joy of the ride in its purest form. Built for an elevated transportation experience that makes the ordinary journey, a trip of a lifetime.

Metacycle features SONDORS exclusive cast “exo-frame” with a sleek, narrow profile, beyond anything previously available in motorcycling. This unique construction gives Metacycle a low and light profile, making it accessible to virtually anyone. Metacycle also features an integrated phone compartment with a transparent cover and wireless charging, so you can ride free with the option of staying connected.


Range anxiety is a thing of the past. Metacycle features a 4000 watt hour 72 volt battery that gives you the ability to roam free up to 80 miles. Power:8 kW (11hp) nominal, 14.5 kW (20hp) peak,M otor PMAC Hub Motor (Permanent Magnet, Alternating Current),Tires Michelin Road 5 Tires – 150/60 R17 Rear, 110/70 R17 Front.//via read more: sondorsx

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