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Spanish Designer Builds A Hidden Studio Beneath A Busy Traffic Bridge In Spain

One designer has come up with a novel response to the urban space shortage in Valencia – slot a pop-up studio into the underside of a traffic bridge.Designer Fernando Abellanas who has transformed the underside of a bridge in Valencia, Spain, into an ingenious, pop-up workspace.

image credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

Abellanas’s design is half floating studio, half horizontal elevator: One part is a metal and plywood box that moves across the underside of the bridge on wheels.

image credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

When it gets to the far side, a shelf, chair, and desk bolted into the wall fit into the structure to complete the studio.The tiny moveable workspace is the handiwork of self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas.

image credit: Jose Manuel Pedrajas

A hand crank moves its metal base from one side of the bridge to the other along rails, where a shelf, chair, and desk have been bolted to the bridge’s concrete wall.


The result is a whimsical little alcove, nestled into a graffitied, abandoned piece of Valencia’s infrastructure–what most would consider urban blight.In Abellanas’s hands, the area is transformed into something surreal and delightful, the ultimate hiding spot.

Wheels that look like they were taken from a metal dolly roll the structure along the concrete of the bridge on either side. As it approaches the bolted furniture, the desk, and chair slip into the structure from its open side.