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Special 12 ft Wide Tiny House Feels Like a Real Home – Full Tour!

Patrick and the Rewild Homes Team built the custom Ptarmigan extra wide tiny house for a senior who wanted a bedroom and ensuite bathroom on the main floor to avoid stairs and a ladder.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

It is 12 feet wide, cantilevered over a standard width trailer, and 20 feet long for a total of 240 square feet.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

To build such a wide tiny house on wheels, the Rewild team built a deck platform to raise the floor high enough so that the trailer wheel wells wouldn’t protrude into the floor.

image/text credit: Exploring Alternatives 

The home will be completely on the grid, with power, water and sewer hookups.This extra wide tiny house on wheels so that all rooms are on the main floor.


The layout is very simple, with a small a kitchen, large living room, a bedroom with space for a queen sized bed, and an en suite bathroom with hand rails for support.

The person this house is being built for had the choice between going into a care facility, or moving into a tiny house in her daughter’s backyard. We think this is a really great example of how a mobile home can be used to solve a housing problem.