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Spend a Day With the World’s Only Grass-Eating Monkeys

The gelada, sometimes called the bleeding-heart monkey or the gelada baboon, is a species of Old World monkey found only in the Ethiopian Highlands, with large populations in the Semien Mountains.

The gelada is large and robust. It is covered with buff to dark brown, coarse hair and has a dark face with pale eyelids. Its arms and feet are nearly black. Its short tail ends in a tuft of hair.Adult males have a long, heavy cape of hair on their backs.

The gelada has several adaptations for its terrestrial and graminivorous grass-eating lifestyle. It has small, sturdy fingers adapted for pulling grass and narrow, small incisors adapted for chewing it. The gelada has a unique gait, known as the shuffle gait, that it uses when feeding.


The gelada has a hairless face with a short muzzle that is closer to a chimpanzee’s than a baboon’s.It can also be physically distinguished from a baboon by the bright patch of skin on its chest.